Christmas for Christian Iraqi Refugees


The following is a link to an article that is well worth reading. It depicts the plight of Christians who have been driven from their homes by ISIS. It’s a reminder that “peace on earth” is not defined by the happy experience of life in a country of relative safety and prosperity. The Gospel of Peace, the true Gospel, preaches as well in a Central Asian refugee camp as it does in the United States.

2 thoughts on “Christmas for Christian Iraqi Refugees

  1. Butch Hall

    Thanks Randy, brother this is an excellent read. But far too many Christians believe that our prayers are enough, but prayers without action want give these Christians their homes back and treat their wounds. Having lived among the poorest of the poor, I know the sound of the braying of those who only talk the talk! I am 73 years old and the other day as I was praying I felt the Lord’s call for me to return to the Philippines and to work with Christians in Action’s medical mission team. In years past, I have seen the religion of peace in action. I have treated its horror victims and I have seen children that were set on fire by their parents for having a Christian friend.

    Key Peninsula Baptist Church is made up and supported by Prayer Warriors in action; of which I am one. My heart is heavy this Christmas. But the love of Jesus Christ says I can rejoice because He brings truth and light into the darkness.

    Butch Hall

    Pastor and Prayer Warrior

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