The Peace of Jesus or the Peaceful Bigotry of Social Theories


I once heard an Irish poet say that the peace agreement that ended The Troubles in Northern Ireland in the late 1990s did not cause enemies to love each other. It did not produce peace in people’s hearts. Rather, he said they had achieved a “peaceful bigotry,” meaning they still hated each other, but they had stopped killing each other. I would argue that “peaceful bigotry” is the best the world can do. We speak of peace in the Middle East. Peace in Afghanistan. Or even peace between political opponents in the Federal Government of the United States. But what the world calls peace is merely a cessation of violence, peaceful bigotry, not peace in people’s hearts.

The Bible tells us peace is found in the person of Jesus Christ. “He Himself is our peace” (Eph. 2:14). True peace in the human heart, and peace between enemies, can only be achieved as people meet at the foot of Christ’s cross, reconciling with God and then with each other.

This came to mind as I read that some Southern Baptists are embracing aspects of Critical Race Theory (CRT), and other social and political theories, that promise answers to the ongoing problems of racism and racial division. At best, the application of such theories can only produce a “peaceful bigotry.” Peace will not be achieved by embracing theories. Peace is only achieved through Jesus Christ.

To look at this another way, the Bible defines and describes justice and it does so without adjectival modifiers. The Bible doesn’t use the term “social justice,” but simply justice. When you add a modifier to the word “justice” you get something less than true, biblical justice. “Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand it fully” (Prov. 28:5).

The message of the church is unique. The uniqueness of our message is the person of Jesus Christ. He is our peace. He is just. He enables us to understand what justice is. And on that coming Day, He will produce perfect peace and justice. Jesus said, “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his throne in heavenly glory. All the nations will be gathered before Him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats” (Matthew 25:31f).

We must not settle for peaceful bigotry. We must not commit to social theories that enable the continuation of hate, bigotry, and division, and deny the gospel as the only power to change hearts, thus producing true peace. The Church only has one message – Jesus. He is our peace.

Randy Adams
Executive Director-Treasurer
Northwest Baptist Convention

6 thoughts on “The Peace of Jesus or the Peaceful Bigotry of Social Theories

  1. John Wallace

    Thank you for your thoughts, Andy. The resolution passed by the SBC acknowledged the usefulness of analytical tools used by CRT. It did not endorse the world view which guides liberal CRT proponents. This is an important distinction and an important one for Southern Baptists given our history. Most of us would acknowledge that racism exists to this day in our culture and we eschew it yet often specific effects of racial injustice are not visible to us because they are imbedded in systems that have the appearance of neutrality. The analytical tools of CRT can help us to identify injustice that lingers due to the cumulative generational impact of overtly radicalized policies that have characterized our history. Only Christ can change hearts but facts can open eyes. Seeing the impact on others of what may seem like benign behaviors or systems to us can be used by the Holy Spirit to lead us to repentance. I support the intent of the resolution. Perhaps it could have been worded more precisely. Blessings, brother. Appreciate your work.

  2. Mike Dunger

    Good word, brother. I frequently point out that justice, liberty and freedom need nor allow any qualifiers. Because as soon as you have a conflict between religious liberty and civil liberty, you immediately need a ranking system to determine which one takes precedence. That’s akin to the evil of Intersectionality.

  3. Thank you Randy. I so appreciate your outstanding leadership for such a time as this. Sadly too many churches care more about what the culture thinks about them instead of what God thinks about them… the “fear of man” is powerful for those not rooted solidly in Christ. Thank you for pointing out the dangers of Critical Race Theory. Believers need to understand that it is just race baiting and bigotry couched in secular social science and academia. As we focus our attention on Jesus and His Gospel alone, will be find the only source of true racial reconciliation that our nation and world so desperately need.

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