SBC Pastor’s Conference Controversy


Several people have asked me to address the most recent issue related to the Pastor’s Conference line-up, and I wanted to take a moment to address it. However, we also need to address the work of the SBC.

The primary controversy on the pastor’s line-up stems from the issue that Hosanna Wong, a female “teaching pastor,” in a non-SBC church has been invited to perform “spoken Word” (poetry) at the SBC Pastor’s Conference. The BF&M 2000 is clear that the office of pastor is to be held by a man. By deciding to give a stage to people who operate contrary to some key southern Baptist beliefs, we have self-inflicted a wound to our unity and convention. The Pastor’s Conference should inspire and unite pastors as they are challenged from God’s Word, and it should point us to the mission God has given us.

Recently, these types of controversies seem to be cropping up more and more. We are in a pattern where we passionately discuss one controversy, but before we can find real solutions to it, the next controversy has arrived and distracted, leaving behind a bunch of unresolved issues in the SBC. We are also in a pattern where we become so distracted by each and every controversy that we fail to discuss, diagnose and solve key threats to our convention and Great Commission advance. We need to address and resolve our theological issues in a manner which enables us to do the Great Commission work Christ has given us.

As a result there are some things we need to keep in mind.

1. We only have a couple of days each year where we can handle important business as a convention. After that, the issues are handed back to the entities to work on. When it comes time to Orlando, and even now, we need to make sure we use our time to tackle the larger important issues, not just the specific controversies.

2. New controversies will always pop up. We can deal with them, but it needs to be clear and quick, and then get right back to fixing the other major threats to our convention and mission.

3. We need to make sure we are as passionate about the work of the mission as we are about the theology of the convention. We fought very hard for a conservative approach to the convention, however, if we fail to focus on the work of the mission, and do the work of uprooting and preventing abuse, and building transparency to regain trust, we will end up losing our convention.

These should be our focus as we seek to cooperate to reach the world for Christ.

9 thoughts on “SBC Pastor’s Conference Controversy

  1. jim tidwell

    I believe one day when the pastors of this world, who God holds to a higher standard than others, they will hang their heads in shame if they were part of and didn’t intervene when they should have stood up and shouted that our God is not pleased with some of this stuff that we’re allowing to go on……………………Praise the name of Jesus.

  2. Doug & Angie

    Another symptom of the progressive infection of defection from the Word of God with our Denomination, 2 Timothy4:1-5. We are witnessing the development of a 21st Century “Down-Grade Controversy” which threatens to destroy our “Cooperation” based upon the Word of God with faithful, not fanciful, exegesis and practical application . I am afraid that the SBC Leadership is becoming so inclusive that the “Big Tent” philosophy will turn us into a Circus. We are quenching the Holy Spirit, and the passion to be inclusive to point of contradicting the Word is a “Strange Fire” not originating from the Arsonist of Pentecost! Thank you for being one of those who is not willing to “come along” in order to “get along”. Praying with a Burden!

  3. Randy Myers

    I read the phrase “female teaching pastor from a non-SBC church” and thought “what!!!!!”. Was there not one person on the organizing Pastor’s Conference committee that was bold enough to say “stop, what are we doing?”. I was part of the “conservative resurgence”, but sadly feel that most all that was reclaimed during that time has been lost. May God have mercy of our souls.

  4. Pastor Thad

    It’s a SAD day in the SBC when we even have to question whether someone comes to an SBC function or not. We have left the days of “wrong is wrong and right is right” and now we have our toes right up against the line of “do we or don’t we?”

    Why is it that we even have to debate what is right and what is wrong. God’s Word is very clear on this and He has made the definition for us.

    It’s time to get back to asking ourselves what does the Word of God say about this and stop trying to please everyone. Jesus couldn’t. Why should we expect anything less?

  5. C. Read

    You do realize that just as the brick and mortar (Lifeway) bookstores have been removed from our society under the current SBC leadership, it is also Satan’s desire to bring down the churches and any Christian witness in this world.
    The Devil has been very effective in his evil plan by corrupting God’s Word from the very beginning, and he has led many unwary men astray!

    Mr. Adams I hope that you will faithfully stand up for God’s truth and encourage other men who love God above all else to do the same! I will be praying for you all!

    With the love of Christ,
    C. Read

  6. Alton Kirk Vandevender

    We have let pastors of large churches be leaders in our convention that thinks they are the ones who knows best and their churches gives 2to 3 percent to the convention. Smaller church leaders and pastors can’t go to the convention but yet give 10 percent or moot to support the work

  7. Nancy Karriker

    All we will ever need is Lord Jesus and His Word, the Bible! Critical race theory is just another tool of the leftist who seek to divide and conquer! It is obviously the goal of the left to tear down our God given Republic, render the Constitution impotent, and destroy our Churches. Thank God for men like Adams who will stand to save the SBC from the progressive leftist who are working to undermine, weaken and replace God’s Word with man’s word and we are right back to Eden!

    • Joe Claussen

      It is a sad day when Southern Baptist’s are so shallow minded that they believe they are the only ones that can provide a word from God to fellow pastors.

      The controversy focused on more than just Hosanna Wong’s spoken word presentation. It also focused upon the idea that others of the speakers were not of the Southern Baptist denomination. It also also focused upon one Southern Baptist speaker had controversial topics in his church. So the notion that Wong’s presentation is the controversy is false.

      The theme of the conference is “Beloved” I feel that the executive committee of the SBC made many false assumptions about the speakers slated in the itinerary. I sincerely doubt they even throughly researched the slated speakers, just glanced at the headlines. Dr. Uth and his team I am certain bathe their decisions in prayer, taking months to seek whom God led them to. The executive committee’s reaction could not exhibited the same diligence.

      Let us act in LOVE and see what God has to say at the conference. You may be surprised that God speaks through a non SBC pastor, musical performer, woman, or SBC pastor. Let’s act in love and just see what God has to say!

  8. C. Read

    25 March 2020

    Mr. Claussen,

    Your perspective is totally wrong! God’s people would do well to read Revelation, and seriously consider His response to the churches…

    “The memory of what Christ has done for mankind has become so tainted with evil. Apostasy, hypocrisy, and compromise are bringing churches down, and the name of Jesus continues to be misused and abused for personal, political, and financial gain. And it has even gotten to the point where you must have a very guarded approach toward those who claim to be a Christian.

    God said that many would come in His name, yet they are ravenous wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing, seeking to lead God’s people astray. This is why we must pay close attention to what people do, not just what they say.

    It is imperative to come to terms with the fact that as long as you are living in this world, you too are at great risk of walking with the enemy.

    You also need to realize that the true condition of your heart will greatly affect how you will respond to the words that Almighty God has given. Only the sincerely humble will fully appreciate the message…” C. Read

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